e-Protect 8th Newsletter

Interview with an Adult Educator working with seniors – Tatiana Armuna

The e-Protect Toolkit supports adult trainers in working with the e-Protect curriculum and the competency scale. It also touches on the topic of the Role of the adult educator when working with seniors. On this issue Tatiana Armuna answered a few questions of the consortium. Tatiana Armuna is an adult trainer and technopedagogue from Switzerland.

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e-Protect 7th Newsletter

Short Joint Staff Training in Athens, Greece

The e-Protect transnational training event has provoked the establishment of a transnational community of practice of like-minded education professionals who will support the further development of the project’s educational resources to develop the digital skills of the elderly.

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e-Protect 6th Newsletter

Would you like to see an innovative programme for the elderly?

The e-Protect project consortium held a meeting on April 1, 2022. Apart from having incredible energy and positivity, the consortium met to give a brief update on the tasks that have been already done and planned for the upcoming period in the project. So, at the moment partners are working on the revision of the e-Protect Train-the-Trainer Toolkit, carried out by five adult educators from each partner country.

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e-Protect 5th Newsletter

Are you ready for some action? The e-Protect eLearning platform is coming soon…!

The e-Protect Learning Space

Within the spirit of remote and online learning, the e-Protect project consortium is developing an e-learning space that will present content specifically related to the internet safety skills for the elderly.
This platform is being designed for professionals working with the target group of elderly people (65+) or related institutions, policy makers, experts in the field of education, researchers etc. The user interface is also meant to support easy-to-navigate features, such as easy access to search and updates and simple navigation. More importantly, the e-Protect online space will support dissemination of the project’s activities and deliverables and will ensure that consumer and data protection requirements are known and are taken into account in defining and implementing EU training courses for the elderly
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e-Protect 4th Newsletter

The e-Protect Curricula for Internet Safety are finalized and ready to be used!

A few words about e-Protect

e-Protect is an Erasmus+ project aiming to address the consumer and data protection needs of the elderly people during internet use through their familiarization with ICT tools, by providing them with tailored training opportunities.
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e-Protect 3rd Newsletter

Despite the bad weather, smiles are the order of the day

Online meeting with the partners

The 2nd transnational partners meeting initially planned in Paris, was finally held online on January 28, 2022. It was with a smile that the consortium met to discuss the progress of the e-Protect project and the next steps to carry on until its end, expected in November 2022.
On the agenda, the hot topics were the status of the project results, communication of the project and points

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e-Protect 2nd Newsletter

The creation of the Competency Scale for Consumer and Personal Data Protection for the Elderly during Internet Use

e-protect project Transnational Report

The first intellectual output of the e-protect project refers to the development of a Competency Scale for consumer and data protection skills for the elderly during internet use. These competences are derived from the triangulation of three types of research data (desk research, interviews, questionnaires) to ensure that the scale is reliable and addresses the real needs of the target group. The results of each research method are presented in detail on the Transnational report, which is already available on project’s website. It is clarified that all information presented in that report refer only to partner countries (i.e., Cyprus, France, Greece, Ireland, Switzerland, and Austria). Specific information for each one of these countries is also available at the project website as country reports

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e-Protect 1st Newsletter

Safety Toolkit for Consumer and Personal Data Protection for the Elderly during Internet Use

Introduction to e-protect project

Studies estimate that by 2060 at least one in three Europeans will be over 65. The European Commission argues that digital technology can help older people to stay healthy, independent, and active at work or in their community for longer and it helps to improve our quality of life. Since the Digital Single Market strategy has been adopted, several studies have identified the lack of digital skills among the elderly.

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